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Family Dentistry

We welcome all members of your family at Century Park Dental.  Nothing brings a bigger smile to our faces than seeing little ones gain confidence through regular, stress-free dental visits.  Regular dental visits are also important in establishing good oral health habits that will benefit our children for life. 

We customize our treatment options and schedule to suit our patients in every stage of life.




Tooth decay is one of the most common chronic diseases affecting children and adults.  Mild to moderate tooth decay is often not associated with pain and may worsen over time.  Regular dental visits and prompt treatment are keys to avoiding pain and infection. Mild to moderate tooth decay may be treated with dental fillings.  We offer a variety of dental filling materials to suit your individual needs.



Heavily damaged teeth may be best protected by crowns.  Crowns are made from a variety of materials to meet the different needs and preferences of our patients.   Missing teeth may be replaced by bridges. Crowns and bridges are made to mimic the look and function of natural teeth and are great options.  Come talk to us and see if crowns and bridges may be a good option for you.



Unfortunately, toothaches sometimes happen but we are here to help.  Root canal therapy may be necessary to address dental pain and infection.  The alternative is often extraction or removal of the offending tooth. Replacement of a lost tooth with a dental bridge, implant or removable denture may be more time consuming and costly than root canal therapy.  Please visit us to see if root canal therapy is the right choice for you..



Who doesn’t love the fresh, clean feeling you get after a dental cleaning and checkup?  That clean feeling also comes with major health benefits, as removing plaque and tartar help you avoid periodontal disease like gingivitis.  Our experienced dental hygienists are ready to meet all of your oral hygiene needs.



Our office offers a wide range of denture services from repairs of existing appliances to the fabrication of new appliances.   Dentures are an art as well as a science. We spend the time listening to our patients so that we may best meet their individual needs.  Minor repairs can often be completed in one day. 

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